Monday, June 13, 2011

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program Verdict

Last week we got our second installment for the ecoEnergy Retrofit Program.

This time it was a $4,270 cheque from the federal government!

Again there was absolutely no information accompanying the cheque so we have no idea what the money specifically relates to but I am guessing this is our full payment from the federal program.

Replace furnace with 95% high efficiency furnace:
Cost: $2,780
Rebate: $650

Replace hot water tank with instant hot water system:
Cost: $1,300      
Rebate: $315

Insulate walls (spray foam):   
Cost: $4,155                  
Rebate: $1,815

Insulate attic and cathedral ceiling 
(blown fiberglass, spray foam):   
Cost: $1,970                 
Rebate: $750

Install new EnergyStar windows and doors:
Cost: $14,398
Rebate: $480

Improve air seal (spray foam, new windows & doors):
Cost: $0 (Included in items above)           
Rebate: $190

Install low flow toilets:
Cost: $500                   
Rebate: $130

Total Cost: $25,103
Total Predicted Rebate: $4,330
Total Rebate: $4,270

We are pretty stoked to have achieved almost the full rebate - not sure what the $60 discrepancy is for - and to have almost achieved the $5,000 maximum rebate. We also got a $1969 rebate from the Alberta government for the insulation and are still trying to get a $600 rebate for the furnace from the provincial government.

All said and done, we will have re-cooperated over 25% of the improvement costs - not including the savings due to the reduced energy consumption!

I have been tracking our energy consumption since we bought our house six years ago so I am most excited to see how our utility bills change over the next year.


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