Wednesday, December 3, 2014


December? When did that happen? It seems like this year has flown buy faster then any other.

It is amazing how time flies when you are so absorbed in just enjoying the day to day adventures of a child.

So what have we been up to?

Making the most of my year off work. Soaking up every second with our son. A lot of family time. Walks, swings, sled rides, sitting on the floor just playing.

We have been travelling too... Maui, Vancouver, Tofino, Phoenix...

Around the home we have been plucking away at all the little projects left on our list... painting soffits, completing the shingles... as well as trimming the trees that got damaged during the September snow storm.

We have also been slowly working at decorating... one day I will get around to posting true "AFTER" photos of the renovations...

We are also in the initial stages of a HUGE new project... but that is worth a post of its own.


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