Thursday, September 18, 2014

Avery {8 months}

{8 months}

Our little man has had another big months of milestones complete with another big trip - this time we travelled with our friends Graham and Nicole to Maui, including a short stop in San Francisco to visit Eric, Yuko and Christopher once again.


We have not gotten an official weight on Avery in a little while but guess that he weighs about 18 lbs. Now that he is getting more and more mobile his weight gain seems to have slowed considerably. If he keeps up his current level of activity, he is going to burn off all his baby rolls in no time!


Avery continues to be very excited by food. Any food he can get his hands on. We still have yet to find anything that he does not like besides hot food and spicy food.

While in Maui, he devoured endless amounts fish, pulled pork, pineapple and shave iced (without syrup of course!).

He takes eating very seriously and will sit for 30 minutes or more excitedly eating anything that is put in front of him.

He is still breastfeeding but it is getting more and more difficult. He is too easily distracted and has very little interest in breastfeeding during the day. Which means he tends to cluster his bigger feeds during the night. Not the best for sleeping...

Favourite Foods: fish, pineapple, steak, egg, tomatoes, berries


Avery is now crawling FAST. He can pull himself up to standing on furniture and is constantly trying to stand straight up in the middle of the room. He can also climb up one or two steps.

Just a day after his grandfather was commenting that Avery only knew vowels and even "possibly invented some of his own vowels", Avery suddenly sprouted quite the vocabulary and begun to babble almost non-stop.

Thanks to his swimming lessons, he has also learnt how to clap and blow bubles.


This month has seen the complete demise of his sleep routine. Between colds, teething and travel - his sleep has been constantly disrupted. He still consistently goes to bed around 6:30 PM and wakes up around 8:00 AM but the number of times he wakes up in between is different every night. Some nights he is only up once. Some nights he is up every two hours.

He did adjust to the time change in Maui quite well and, most amazingly, even learnt how to nap on the beach.


Another big month of 'firsts': first wedding, first swimming lessons, first night alone with dad (mom escaped on a girls hiking trip to Elk Lakes Cabin).

In Maui, he had his first real experiences with the ocean, sand and pool as well as his first (non-ferry) boat ride on a snorkelling trip to the Molokini crater.

He also is getting his first tooth! One day shy of his 8 month birthday, the first hint of a tooth broke through his gums.


Avery continues to have a big personality. He is a clown and an entertainer at heart. He loves to be the centre of attention.

On our flight from Calgary to San Francisco, the couple across the aisle offered to take Avery while we got organized and seated. Next thing we know, he is being passed from aisle to aisle as everyone is asking for a turn to hold him. From that flight onwards, every time we sat down on a plane the first thing Avery did was scan around to see who would be game for paying him attention!

He is very easing going and up for almost any adventure we drag him on. Whether it be waking up at 3 AM to catch a flight or waking up at 3 AM to watch sunrise from Haleakala volcano.

Likes: being outdoors, showers, baths, trees, wind, food, his wooden train, playing with kitchen utensils on the floor while mom cooks, playing in the sand, pools, being the centre of attention, being loud, animals

Dislikes: getting dressed, being ignored, naps, sitting still, ocean (mostly the waves)

Nicknames: pterodactyl, monkey, monster, mister, small pants, little man

Travel Log: Vancouver, Tofino, San Francisco (x 2), Edmonton (x 2), Iceland, Maui, 8 flights, 29432 km flown


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