Monday, May 19, 2014

Avery {1 month}

Avery is now 4 months old! Where does time go? I am hoping to get caught up with monthly update posts to document his growth. Bare with me while I do...

{1 month}


At birth Avery weighed 6 lbs 3 oz which put him at the very bottom of the growth chart - below the 5th percentile - which bought us an overnight stay in the hospital so they could monitor his blood sugar levels. 

I had expected a small baby so I made sure to buy extra small diapers (Bambo Natural Preemie Size) but we were completely caught off guard by the fact that a 6 lb baby drowns in Newborn sized clothes! Thankfully we had many willing volunteers to head out shopping for us to buy Preemie sized sleepers!

By his two week appointment he was up to 6 lbs 8 oz!

Coming home from the hospital

Thankfully Avery was a champ at breastfeeding right off the bat. He quickly settled into a routine of eating every 3 hours.

Family cuddles


As with most newborns, he sleeps all the time!

Before Avery was born, we had planned that the baby would be sleeping in the crib in their own room from day one. Dave is extremely against co-sleeping due to his experiences working at the Children's Hospital and I was extremely nervous about the dogs and cat who have always had free-reign of our master bedroom. The crib was simply the safest place in our opinion.

Of course things never go according to plan! The complications of Avery's delivery meant I was pretty much immobile for the first week so getting Avery in and out of the crib in another room was just not feasible. Thankfully my parent's were able to buy us a bassinet before we got discharged from the hospital so he could sleep safely right beside us in the master bedroom.

At first, Avery had a hard time clearing his mucous so Dave kept trying to raise the head of the bassinet but every thing he tried just caused the basket to slip in the frame. He asked the midwives for advice at one of our home visits and she we try to prop up the frame instead of the basket. She got a good laugh when she returned for her next visit to see the frame propped up with Dave's nursing textbooks!

Why did you put him in a cage?


Avery has been able to hold up his head since day one. He is constantly making Dave proud with how strong he is and how much muscle tone he has already.

First family walk


At first Avery was such a relaxed, easy baby but we are starting to see a strong personality develop! He does have his fussy periods but they always seem to be justified - most commonly gas or reflux. He is very alert and always studying the world with his big blue eyes.

He generally seems to be a pretty happy little guy. Avery smiles and giggles in his sleep. It melts my heart.

Nicknames: Small bump (from the Ed Sheeran song), Squeaks, Littlest Monkey

Meeting Uncle Brian

First restaurant: Towa Sushi

Likes: the bath, being swaddled, music, the Moby Wrap, staring at lights, staring at anything high contrast

Meeting Uncle Nic 

Helping in the kitchen

Dislikes: tummy time, being naked


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