Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nursery: Part I

There were two things I knew I wanted in the nursery long before we even found out I was pregnant.

First: a Jenny Lind crib.

Country Living

Second: prints from Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop.

Animal Print Shop

The Jenny Lind crib posed a bit of a problem since they are not readily available in Canada. The stores that do sell them want close to $400 for the same crib that sells for $175 at Walmart and Target in the US. We thought about making a trip across the border to pick one up but began to watch for one on kijiji in the meantime.

It wasn't long before I noticed a posting for a discount warehouse in Edmonton that was selling the cribs for $199! I quickly emailed my brother to ask him to pick me one up. The limited store hours posed a problem for him so he in turn asked my cousin Sean to help out. Sean, thankfully, was able to make it to the store before they sold out. Brian then gave the crib to Dave as his birthday present. Dave surprisingly thought it was one of the best birthday presents ever.

A lot of effort for a crib but it was worth it. I love it! Thanks Sean and Brian!

The only issue with the Sharon Montrose prints was choosing from all of the cute animals.

I pretty much wanted every animal on the website so I let Dave pick out the prints. He decided he wanted to go with a 'Canadian Wilds' theme (so that our baby would become familiar with the wildlife in the mountains it will inevitably be spending so much of its' time in) and settled on the baby fox, deer, bear and porcupine.

Baby Deer

Baby Fox

Baby Porcupine

Bear Cub

With the two most important elements settled we began work on bringing together the rest of our neutral woodland animal nursery.


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