Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Assiniboine Lodge

After almost not making it out of Discovery Lodge in time to catch his next helicopter, Dave headed out to Assiniboine Lodge in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC for a week of skiing with his dad and brother.

This time I was lucky enough to be able to join him on the Friday! Although Dave is an old pro when it comes to helicopters, this was only my third time in one so I was extremely excited. Friday morning the weather took a turn for the worse and for an hour or so, they weren't even certain we were going to be able to fly in (which would have been disastrous considering I had the food for the whole group!). Eventually the pilot decided we were going to "give it a try" - not very encouraging words when talking about a helicopter! After a long bumpy ride and several landing attempts, I did make it safely to  the lodge where I joined the guys for three days of amazing skiing.




We stayed in the Naiset Huts, located just across the meadows from the main lodge. The huts are a great budget option at only $25 per person per night. The huts are extremely basic, with only bunk beds, wood burning stoves and a common cook shelter, but they provide access to the same spectacular skiing as the lodge at a fraction of the cost. Plus you can still take advantage of many of the lodge's services: beer, wine, fire logs, showers and saunas.

Instead of paying for the helicopter ride out, we decided to challenge ourselves with the 26 km ski out to Mount Shark. Having hiked the trail the summer previous, we knew that it was a mostly flat route... but I don't think we appreciated how flat until about 3 hours into the 6 hour long trudge along in our heavy touring skis.

I have never been so jealous of people in cross country skis!


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