Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Years: 5 Decks

The other day I had the realization that Dave has built FIVE decks in the seven years we have owned the house...
When we purchased the house, it came with a ugly, rotten wood deck. The summer after we purchased the house, we replaced the rotten deck with a small stone patio. It was an epic failure, thankfully done with mostly free materials.

Deck #1

As part of the kitchen renovation, we built a new wood deck with pressure treated lumber.

Deck #2

Deck #2

Last year we replaced the small concrete steps to our front door with a new stamped concrete patio.


Deck #3

Then this year we replaced a large section of dead grass with a matching concrete patio in the backyard.
Deck #4

Dave was not in love with the pressure treated wood on the second backyard deck and it had taken a considerable amount of abuse during the renovation. So when he was able to get a good deal on cedar deck boards, he decided that he had to rebuild the deck out of cedar.

Deck #5

I must admit I love the colour and smell of the new cedar deck...
But Dave has been told that this is absolutely the LAST desk he will build for this house.


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