Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shelves, Shelves, Desk, Shelves

As I mentioned, we now have shelves in the hallway closet. They have been installed for quite sometime but I still can not quite motivate myself to cram myself into the closet to finish painting them.

In the office, Dave has reworked the floating shelves so that we are now confident they can support a full load of books without crashing down on his precious iMac.

Originally I had envisioned them white but the walnut veneer turned out so well on the fireplace mantel, we decided to try walnut veneer on the shelves as well.

It did not turn out well on the shelves.

Very purple and very cracked. We are going to give it one more shot before we give up and paint the shelves white.

Dave has also begun installing the custom desk base. The desk top is the only original six-panel door that was remaining in the house when we bought it. We restored it several years ago and had a custom glass top cut. 

Dave has now modified the door to fit around the chimney. We bought a glass cutter hoping to cut the glass top to match. After several failed practice cuts on old picture frame glass, we abandoned the idea and (very carefully) hauled the glass to a professsional glass cutter.

Since he was on a roll, Dave also tackled the floating shelves for the nook in the spare bedroom. These shelves will be painted white since it is a darker corner.

We have plans to build a desk in the nook as well. Sometime down the road.

A long time down the road.



  1. Oh Amy!!! This looks so incredibly beautiful. Love the exposed brick and wood/white combo. Just gorgeous. 

  2. Oh man...I want to jump in there and style up those beauties!!!

  3. Tell me about it! I am itching for them to be done so I can start pulling out all my treasures that have been in boxes for the last 1.5 years...


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