Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long Weekend Escape

Dave returned from his Yukon adventures on Thursday and we quickly re-packed the camping gear to head down to Waterton Lakes National Park for the long weekend. Nothing like driving another 300 km after completing an 8000 km roadtrip!

Whisky Gap

Saturday we completed the hike around Akamina Ridge via Forum and Wall Lake.

Forum Lake
View down to Wall Lake

Akamina Ridge

Wall Lake

Swimming in Wall Lake

Sunday, we attempted the hike to Lineham Ridge but due to the high heat and some sunburns, we ended up turning around before the scree slopes and instead spent the afternoon swimming in Rowe Lake.

Rowe Creek

Rowe Meadow

Way up to Lineham Ridge

Swimming in Rowe Lake

Young Grizzly Bear

Mountain Sheep

Windmills at Pincher Creek



  1. oh alberta...amy if you keep posting pics like these and i may be home sooner than expected. gorgeous!


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