Saturday, April 30, 2011


This week all progress on the renovation came to a complete hault while David was held up in full out war with a not-so-friendly neighbourhood squirrel.

When we had the electrical service moved on the outside of the house, we ended up with a large hole in the roof soffit. We had attempted to patch it temporarily with chicken wire to keep the squirrels out until we could rebuild the soffit in the summer. Apparently we did not patch it well enough because on Tuesday we started to hear the familiar scratching sounds of squirrels running around in the soffit (this is not our first run in with squirrels in the soffit...)

By Wednesday David had had enough. So he proceeded to scare out the squirrels by banging on the soffit with a rake and then reinforced the chicken wire to lock them out.

Unfortunately one of the squirrels did not take too kindly to being evicted from his new home and decided to delcare war. For the last four days we have been unable leave the back door without being charged by a screaching squirrel. The now nicknamed Killer Squirrel has even attempted to charge us inside the house when we tried to open one of the upstairs windows.

Words of advice: don't ever piss off a squirrel.

Dave has spent almost every waking hour this past week trying to scare away or trap Killer Squirrel.

Well... it turns out Killer Squirrel is actually a mommy squirrel and there were three baby squirrels trapped inside our soffit. No wonder Killer Squirrel was so mad at us.

We have opened up the chicken wire and are hoping that Killer Squirrel decides to move her family out.

In the meantime, we are just going to have to learn to live with our new house guests...


PS If anyone has any (humane) suggestions for getting rid of unwanted house guests...

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