Monday, December 20, 2010

Living Room Inspiration

Both the living room and dining room will be decorated with the sole purpose of emphasizing all of the wonderful treasures we have collected through our travels. Wooden paddles and stone war heads from the South Pacific, metal bells from Thailand, wooden figurines from Africa and, of course, the gigantic ironwood table Dave brought home from Bali.

I am thinking a neutral couch, funky side chairs, splashes of colour and a vibrant rug, although a concrete design has yet to formalize... 

Apartment Therapy


House Beautiful

Ideal Home

I am also still stumped what I am going to do with our fireplace. I loved the white painted brick when we had red walls but am scared it will get lost amongst the new white walls and am extremely hesitant to paint it any other colour. I am intrigued by the red brick that we found behind the painted brick but am pretty certain we could not expose it without damaging it.

Two other options I am toying with are to re-build a new mantle out of red brick or to build a new 'Arts and Craft' style mantle similar to what would have originally been in the house.

Decisions, decisions...


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