Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Layers of History

One of the adventures of renovating an old home is the treasures that you find buried in the walls. Much to David's dismay, there was nothing in the walls of our home but an old playing card... however we did uncover plenty of treasures ON the walls.

Each of the rooms in our house boasted several layers of colourful wallpaper and paint.

The dining room had at least three layers - beige floral covered by red and grey leaves covered by grey and pink damask all covered by red paint.

In the office we found this stunning purple and blue floral hidden under the yellow paint.

In the hallway we uncovered this fantastic pastel plaid complete with matching border.

Underneath the plaid was at least six more layers including a wood grain pattern, green and gold floral, pastel floral all over top of bright turquoise.

It almost seems blasphemous that I have every intention of painting all of the walls white. I don't think our house has ever had a white wall in its 98 year history!

I would love to use wallpaper as accents in our bedroom and the office but know I could never get David to agree. I love the modern bold florals that are currently available.

But I could only imagine what a future home owner would think when they are removing these wallpapers from the walls in another 98 years...



  1. I like the last one. You should just do it anyways and surprise David when he gets home. Im pretty sure thats what women do best!


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