Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress Report

For the first time in three months we have progress to report on the house! Nothing huge as we are down to the time-consuming final details but still progress.

Dave has been hard at work the past couple weeks installing trim on the main floor. It turned out to be extremely time consuming as each piece had to be custom scribbed to the un-level floors and un-straight walls. There are still three pieces of trim waiting for us to complete the fireplace mantel.

We took advantage of a cold Sunday to get the first coat of paint on the trim. Unfortunately Monday it got too cold (-38 C with wind chill) to paint around the windows and doors without worrying about the paint cracking.

At least the living room and dining room are starting to look a little less like a wood workshop. If only I could get Dave to remove the compressor and router table.


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