Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mail Box Search

We have been scouring the internet and hardware stores for the last couple months trying to find the perfect mail box... the old dented brass one is just not going to cut it. 

I keep picturing a blue enamel mail box to match our house numbers, preferably a small vertical one, but have not been able to locate one any where.

Ram Sign House Numbers
Like this but in blue...

I have been contemplating buying one and painting it to match but we don't want to drill holes in the siding for something that might not be a permament solution.

Then I strumbled across a vintage glass mail box on Pinterest (next to blue enamel house numbers none-the-less!) and I was intrigued... The top matches our new bronze hardware, it is small and vertical, it is not too ornate and it is definetly different!

Via Pinterest

But I am torn - do you think it is weird for the neighbours to be able to see your mail?



  1. I love that mailbox! and your blog is pretty good too :D I don't think its weird unless you are getting something other than bills:D


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