Sunday, November 21, 2010

Progress - Day 35

We are now past the one month mark and it has been a long month...

The rude arrival of winter has escalated the rush to get the house insulated. Dave and Robin battled the freezing temperatures to install the new windows in the office, dining room and hallway.  Luckily the living room bay windows do not require any re-framing so they can stay in place until the new ones arrive. In the spare bedroom, we were left with no choice but to remove the old window, re-frame the window opening and then put the old window back in. Now only the bathroom window is left.

On Tuesday, the city inspector passed the new electrical panel and Enmax switched the service to the new mast. The rush is now on to finish roughing in the electrical since it has to pass inspection before we get the sprayfoam insulation done. We have all of the lights, plugs and switches laid out but still have to run all of the wiring. We are aiming to be insulating at the end of this week.

Still no word on the furnace or the missing windows...


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