Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress - Day 20

We are at Day 20 of the renovation and Dave has made some impressive progress over the last week - at least if the growing pile of garbage in the backyard is any sign!

The windows and doors got painted, at least the ones that arrived built correctly, and the office french doors and master bedroom window got installed. We also got confirmation that the windows that had to be replaced should arrive "any day now"... not going to hold my breath.

The doors and window required significant amounts of framing work in order to fix the creative structural work done in the last renovations. Sometimes, I think it works to our disadvantage that I am a structural engineer. Ignorance would be bliss!

The doors had to be moved over almost 2' to align with the french doors in the kitchen below. The installation would not have been that challenging except for the 10' step outside the door. In the near future there will be a juliet balcony railing to prevent anyone from falling.

It appears as though the window in the master bedroom was originally a door which means at some point in time our house had a balcony on the front. We wish we had known because we would have considered re-building it. At least the "transfer truss" is gone and our roof is now supported by a proper beam!


A big thanks to Robin for lending a hand and being brave enough to hang off a ladder 20' in the air while wrestling a door into place.

This next week promises to be another week of big progress as we are moving on to framing walls!



  1. Its good to see you are using proper headers now..I hope you followed the point loads into the foundation!! otherwise i may have to report to to the association


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