Sunday, February 1, 2015

Avery's First Birthday!

For Avery's first birthday, we had a simple party at home. We invited family and a few friends over for lunch - although it still ended up being a full house with 28 people!

I kept the decorations simple using a 'confetti' theme. I served an easy menu of tomato soup, focaccia, vegetables, fruit, salami and pickles. I also made '1' shaped sugar cookies, dairy-free funfetti cupcakes and a funfetti smash cake for Avery.

Avery was surprisingly well mannered with his smash cake. It took him awhile to realize we were not going to take it away from him and to really dig in. He also offered to share with everyone - although Scout was the only one to jump at the offer!

Avery had a great time and partied so hard he was in bed as soon as the last guests left at 5:00!


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