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Avery {6 months}

{6 months}


Avery is continuing to grow like a weed! We don't have his 6 month appointment until next week so I don't have an official weight but at his vaccinations two weeks ago he was 15 lbs 8 oz and if our sore muscles are any indication, he has only continued to pack on the pounds since then!


We have started to introduce Avery to solid foods. We are following the philosophy of Baby Led Weaning - where you skip the purees and start feeding whole foods right from the beginning. The theory is that without a full set of teeth they can not actually 'eat' pieces big enough to choke on. As opposed to being spoon fed purees to suck down, they are learning to grasp, chew, swallow and regulate their own consumption.

Avery loves cucumbers, roasted carrots, bell peppers, watermelon, broccoli, zucchini... It is amazing to watch how enthusiastically he tries any food we give him and how quickly he is learning to handle and 'chew' food.

It is a little messy at times but so much fun!


Avery did his first trip camping in a tent. He went on his first trip to the zoo and attended his first gymnastics competition. 

He also had his first cold or 'airplane disease' as my family likes to call it :o(


He is now mobile!

If you place him on the floor, he will not be in the same spot a minute later.

He rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time just shortly after 5 months and has not stopped moving since. He does not crawl but can cover great distances by wiggling and rolling. And it is not going to be long before he is crawling - he frequently pushes up on to his hands and knees or even up into a plank position. This kid is strong!

He can also now sit independently for short periods but has yet to figure out that he can not just throw himself back to the ground.

David and I are both loving this age because it seems like everyday he is changing and mastering new skills. I know we are biased - but he is such a smart kid and such a fast learner!


Avery continues to go to bed between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. Right now, he typically wakes to feed around 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM and then sleeps in till 8:00 AM.

His mobility has turned out to be yet another disruption to his sleep. He is constantly moving around his crib, bashing into the sides or getting limbs stuck between the bars and waking himself up. He also wants to sleep on his stomach now that he can roll. Unfortunately he scares himself when he wakes up on his stomach and forgets that he knows how to roll to his back. We make a lot of trips to his room in the middle of the night to free him of what ever position he has gotten himself stuck in.

As much as I would love to get to sleep through the night, I actually cherish our late night feedings. It is the one time we get to spend together when all is quiet and calm, we are not having to rush off anywhere, he is not squirming to break free. We can just sit together, cuddle and take each other in.

The biggest improvement this month is the return of the naps! As suddenly as he had stopped napping at 4 months, just past 5 months he magically took a three hour nap one day - of course on a morning when we had a brunch date planned... He now takes two 90 minutes naps a day, one around 9:30 AM and one around 3:00 PM, with a shorter nap midday, usually in his car seat or in the carrier at the dog park.


Avery's personality is really starting to shine.

His face lights up when he sees his favourite people - his grandparents, his Nana. His biggest smiles and giggles are for his daddy, especially when Dave has been away at work or sleeping.

He has the goofiest grins and infectious giggles.

He is not a passive, relaxed baby. He is always engaged - moving, playing, studying, babbling.

He is LOUD.

Likes: being outdoors, showers, baths, trees, wind, food especially cucumber, toys that play music, Jolly Jumper

Dislikes: getting dressed, being ignored

Nicknames: baby pterodactyl, chubs, bump, triple chin, monkey, mighty mouse


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