Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweater for the Floor

With the onset of fall, I seem to be attracted to all things warm and cozy.

Which is probably why I am so drawn to the new Sweater Weather carpet tiles from Flor. I love the woolly texture, chunky cable knit detailing and cozy neutral colours.

FLOR Product
Flor Sweater Weather

I am thinking this might be the perfect solution to replace the ugly plastic floor mat we use under our chair in the office.

There are actually several Flor designs I would love to incorporate into the house...

Flor Waxing Poetic

Flor Remembrance
Flor Shadow Play
Flor Suit Yourself
Flor Full Kilt

No, I was not compensated by Flor for this post. I just think that washable, replaceable floor tiles at $10 to $18 each are a very appealing solution in a house with animals.

Yes some days I *almost* regret installing white carpets...


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  1. Love this so much! Adds so much warmth and comfort to every room! Plus it looks gorge-eous!! Thanks for sharing xo


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