Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Century Homes Calgary: Our Street

As I mentioned, this past week we have been participating in the Century Homes Calgary celebration.
As part of Historic Calgary Week, July 27 to August 6, the Century Homes Calgary project celebrates the large number of homes built during Calgary's first building boom in 1912. Homeowners and residents were encouraged to unearth the stories behind their houses and display them on lawn signs. The participating homes are posted on the website to allow citizens to take self-guided walking tours of communities with century old homes.

I researched the history of our home - which included a connection to a murder mystery! - which I captured the story on our lawn sign along with photographs of the house through out the years.

It has been fun to watch everyone walk by, read our sign and appreciate our cute little house!

I had intended to capture the stories of the houses on my street to share on the blog but unfortunately life and work got in the way and I have barely had time to enjoy them for myself let alone blog about them...

However, I do have one small piece of history left to share... the Calgary Public Library posted a historic postcard of 13 Avenue - our street!

Via Calgary Public Library

Although this particular stretch is about 12 blocks east of our house, it gives a great perspective of what the neighbourhood looked like for the original residents. The towering canopy trees we love so much are only miniscule saplings. What a difference 100 years makes!

The City of Calgary is actually starting the process of restoring 13 Avenue into the 13 Avenue Heritage Greenway. I am excited to see the changes the program has instore.


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