Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom Lamps

After a long wait (involving a postal strike, the package inadvertently being sent back to the US as "undeliverable" and then having to be shipped all over again...) the vintage fan we ordered from etsy has finally arrived and taken up its home in the master bedroom.

Unfortunately the vintage lamps I inherited from my Baba no longer fit in amongst all of the chrome (or fit on the nightstand for that matter), so now we are on the look out for new bedside lamps.

In order to eliminate the clutter on our night stands, I would ideally like to find something that can mount to the wall. Unfortunately, as is typical with lighting, there are just too many options...

Anthropologie Far & Wide Sconce
Ant Bee Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Circa Pimlico Swing Arm Lamp
Crate and Barrel Metro II Swing Arm Lamp
Monroe Swing Arm Wall Lamp
George Kovacs Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Have I mentioned how much I hate having to decide on lighting?



  1. Hey! I think we have the same bedframe!! If you scroll through my older posts you'll see. I like the Crate & Barrel Metro lights!
    Have a great long weekend!


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