Friday, May 13, 2011

Lily Pad

For those who have been wondering how the rainbow of paint chips fits into my white decorating scheme...

We previously had a pale yellow cabinet that provided the only storage for the upstairs bathroom. The colour seemed a little lost in the new bathroom so I headed to the paint aisle in search of some inspiration. I may have gone a little overboard...

I was leaning towards a raspberry or coral colour but David vetoed any shades of pink (I will find a room to decorate with pink yet!). We quickly narrowed down the choices to two shades, both from the Martha Stewart Living paint line: Hosta, a deep blue-green, and Lily Pad, a jade green. Since we already have blue in the office, we settled on Lily Pad.

Lily Pad

A couple coats of paint later and the cabinet went from pale yellow to bright green! I kept the yellow on the inside of the cabinet for a little contrast.

Since the old bathroom mirror broke in the move, we decided it would worthwhile to incorporate a little more storage in the form of a medicine cabinet. We found a white medicine cabinet at Home Depot with similar details to the first cabinet, treated it with a couple coats of Lily Pad paint and... 

Viola! Two steps closer to the bathroom being complete!

Unfortunately we were so excited about our new larger shower enclosure it never dawned on us to check that it still fit with the cabinet. The shower rod now hangs almost six inches past the cabinet.

At least the shower rod is adjustable but it means we will have to patch the drywall and repaint. We are  both in agreement that we might procrastinate on this for a little while...



  1. that little burst of color really tosses things up! it's a nice surprise!


    1. I just used the same paint color as an accent I my kitchen- its beautiful!
      Love the cabinet! Looks like we're both having "adventures".


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