Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress - Day 175

We were pretty sure we would be moving home tonight but to no avail...

We had a reasonable "to-do" list in order to have the house move in ready - seal bathroom tile, caulk bathroom, paint bathroom trim, paint doors, install tub, sink and toilet - but everything took a lot longer than we thought.

Saturday it took the majority of the day to seal the tile, caulk the bathroom, paint the bathroom pipe and move the tub upstairs.

Sunday we were still optimistic, Dave even packed up all of our clothing. But after Dave and dad spent six hours fighting to install the bathtub drain, faucet and shower enclosure, we had to admit defeat. The shower is still not operational so we are forced to wait a few more days...

However, thanks to a helping hand from Shane and Christine, we were able to get our bedroom furniture moved in. It is surreal to see the house starting to look like a home.


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