Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change of Plans

Despite all of my hardwork stripping the paint from the fireplace, I was still not confident that I wanted to keep the original fireplace mantel.

Dave and I decided to go shopping to see if we could find a gas insert to fit into the tiny 24" wide opening in the existing chimney. We managed to find a couple insert the might work including the Valor Portrait President Fireplace.

It is not the wide open clean-view fireplace we set out looking for but it does look like an antique cast iron gas insert which may have originally been found in the house.

So until the estimators from the fireplace company come to the house and tell me that it won't work with our existing chimney, I will be dreaming of a fireplace like this:

Via Young House Love



  1. The fire place you dream about is really cool and has style!


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