Thursday, February 3, 2011


After hauling home dozens of sample boards and eliminating three carpet installers, we have finally ordered the carpet! Shaw Tuftex "Living Touch" in "Natural Wool".

Pictures just don't do it justice - it is a lower cut, dense pile saxony carpet meant to imitate the look of high-end wool carpet with nylon carpet price and durability.

At $40 per square yard it is still substantially more pricey than builder-basic carpet but not as expensive as the $65 per square yard patterned carpet I first fell in love with...

I had convinced myself and Dave that, despite knowing that looped carpet does not mix with dogs, I REALLY wanted the expensive patterned carpet. However, the installer took one look at Scout and Jersey (in the midst of a weimaraner ultimate fighting challenge in our empty living room) and said "as much as I would love to earn the commission on $65 carpet, I am going to recommend you not buy that carpet"... so back to the store we went, luckily to both fall in love with the less expensive, more durable Shaw product.

I can't wait to see it installed!


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